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To promote the local sporting scene by making sports equipments easily available and affordable for all sportsmen in Singapore


To become a one-stop sports solution provider in Singapore


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Welcome to TeemSports!

SportsEquipmentSingapore.com is a sports equipment portal, seeking to bring convenience to you by helping you to find your desired sports equipment at the best rate possible.

We understand that it can be a hassle looking for equipment of various sports- hockey, basketball, track &field, gym, and 101 other sports out there. Making a trip down to the shopping centre only to realize that they don’t carry what you are looking for is a waste of time and effort.

What’s more, we know it, shopping for sports equipment isn’t really the most exciting activity to be engaged in. Worse still, having to carry all the heavy sports equipment home after your purchase is frustratingly cumbersome. At sportsequipmentsingapore.com, we seek to connect you with the most suitable sports equipment vendor in Singapore based on your sporting needs.

We provide a

1) Directory that consolidates all the sports vendor by sports category which you can contact personally. Some of them provide delivery services while others will require you to make a trip to their retail store. Recommended for smaller purchase of  >$100 .

2) Quotation request service for you to request for quotation from our sports partners for the sports equipment you are looking for.  They will then deliver the sports equipment ordered if you meet their minimum purchase amount.

3) Mailing service to keep you informed of the best sports deals in town !

In TeemSports, There are no limitations to the variety of sports products available. Besides the usual brands you will spot in the conventional retail outlets, We bring to you an  exclusive rangeof qualitysports products and brands at attractive prices .Check out our range of brands like Nike, Adidas, Molten, Mikasa, Yonex, Dunlop, Canterbury, Spalding, Butterfly, Nitakku, Prince, Cobra, Ans & many more!

Whether you are a player or a coach, amateur or professional, accomplished or aspiring, school boy or seasoned,we hope that your experience with us will be always fruitful and enjoyable!

For advertiser, contact us at info@sportsequipmentsingapore.com to find out more about our advertising package.