Corporate Sports

Organising a Sports Event to engage the employees in your company or organisation ?

We provide consulting services for your company or organisation’s sporting needs. Simply email us  with the following information:

      1. Preferred sports activity .i.e. basketball, soccer , badminton etc
      2. Number of people engaged in the activity
      3. Budget
      4. Event Date
We will provide free advice based on the type of sports equipments required and its quantity.

With the huge variety of our product range, we will recommend the most suitable sports products available in the market based on your budget and requirements, coming up with an attractive package that is tailored to your needs.

The equipments will then be delivered to your doorstep on the day of your sports event at no hassle to you.

Rental of sports equipments is also available for one-off sports events. We understand that budget is a concern in the organising of sports event for your company. We provide renting of equipments to cut down on your expenses and eliminate the need to source for storage space for the hefty sports equipments. We provide delivery as well as pick-up services for the rented equipments.

          • tug-of-war rope 
          • badminton/ squash rackets 
          • etc 

*Feel free to REQUEST QUOTATION from us if you would like to know about any of the products.

Check out examples of packages that we have provided :

          • Shuttercocks (Protech Ultimum) : 10dosen
          • Molten Netball SN5R : 1pc
          • Molten Futsal Ball : 2pc
          • DHS Table Tennis Bat 1202 with 2 balls : 2 set
          • DHS Table Tennis Ball (1 STAR) : 2 tubes
          • FOX 40 Referee Whistles : 4pcs
          • Training Bibs : 2 sets (12pc/set)
          • Tug-of-War Rope (120ft)- Rental : 1roll