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Excel Sports & Music
Blk 231, Bain Street, #03-39/49/51/53,
Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231



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S/NCompany InformationType of Product
1 Barter Maison
Block 13 York Hill #01-44 Singapore 162013
65-9328-9808 info@bartermaison.com http://www.bartermaison.com/
BCD, Regulator, Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Booties, Submersible Pressure Gauge, Dive Wear, Dive Bags, Torches, Underwater Photography Equipment, Accessories
3 Pickering St, Singapore 048660
+65 6225 6991 NA http://www.decathlon.sg
Diving (Moving, Scuba Dive Gear, Spear Fish Gear, Suits, Watch / Breath
3Deep Blue Scuba
74 South Bridge Road, #03-01 Singapore 058704
65-6557-2705 info@scuba.com.sg http://www.deepbluescuba.sg
O’Neill Hammer Vest, 500PSI Mask Defog, Air Pro HP Hose Black 80cm, Airmaster Plus LP 36″ Regulator Hose, Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Wetsuit, Akona Bag Executive Diver.
Diventures Scuba
17 Pandan Loop, Block S, Singapore 128235
65-6778-0661 info@diventures.com.sg http://www.diventures.com.sg/
accessories, bags,BCD, boots, div com, fins, mask & snorkel, reg, suits, torch
Eko Divers
Address: Blk. 13 Yorkhill
#01-44 S162013
65-6327-4408 info@ekodivers.com http://www.ekodivers.com/
Dive Accessories, Dive Bags, BCDs, Dive Booties, Dive Computers, Dive Fins, Dive Instruments, Dive Masks, Regulator, Snorkels, Wetsuits, Dive Torches
Essential Scuba Pte Ltd
61 Mount Sinai Drive, #04-01
Singapore 277113
65-9231-5594 info@essentialscuba.com.sg http://www.essentialscuba.com.sg/
Masks & Snorkels, Fins & Booties, Wet Suits, Regulators, Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs), Dive Consoles & Computers, Dive Accessories, Dive Bags, Scuba Starter Package (Wind mask, Supreme snorkel and Super Channel full-foot fins from Mares), Scuba Starter Package – With wetsuit (Men’s Tropic Shorty from Mares), The Seasoned Diver Package ( includes – Prestige BCD, Abyss 22 regulator w/ Prestige alternate air source from Mares)
Gill Divers Pte Ltd
37 Hongkong Street, Level 1, Singapore 059676
65-6734-9373 gillmen@gilldivers.com http://www.gilldivers.com
accessories, bags, BCD, Booties, Dive Computer, Dive Tourches, Fins, Instruments, Masks
GS Diving
5000J Marine Parade Road, #03-42 Lagoon View, Singapore 449291
65-9114-6917 gary@gs-diving.com

APEX and SCUBAPRO regulators, jacket and backplate BCDs and various gauges and hoses, Nautilus Lifeline, full recreational set, Recreational Regulator Set, Jcaket BCD, Wetsuit, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Torch, Nitrox Dive Computer, Twin Tank Back Plate, Twin Tank Bladder, Twin Tank Back Gas Reg Set, Deco Reg Set, Twin Tanks, Deco Tank, Jet Fins,
Leeway Subaquatic
82, Lorong 23 Geylang, Atrix Building, #02-06, Singapore 388409
65-6743-1208 diver@leeway.com.sg http://www.leeway.com.sg/
Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Buoyancy Compensator, Wertsuits, Fins, Booty, Regulators, Belts, torches, safety accessories
Master Marine Pte Ltd
194 Pandan Loop, #05-25 Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128383
65-6254-0813 sales@mastermarine.com.sg http://www.mastermarine.com.sg/
B-Safe, Brathing Air, Industrial Air & Gas, Shooting, Paintball, Reconditioned Compressor, Portable Compressors (e.g. Profi Line II, Compact Line), Stationary Compressors (eg. Mini Verticus III, Verticus 5), Shooting.
Ocean Ambassador Dive Center
1 Jalan Ramaja, #04-06B, Hillview House, Singapore 668662
65-6673-4564 info@oceanambassador.com.sg http://www.oceanambassador.com.sg/index.html
Compass, Dive Computer, Dive Light, Fins,Weight belt, Mask, Quick Release Coiled Lanyard, Regulator Set, Snorkel, Video and Underwater Housing, Wetsuit, Writing Slate.
Orpheus Dive
16 Zion Road, Singapore 247733
65-9375-7122 godiving@orpheusdive.com http://www.orpheusdive.com
Full Set, BCD Backplate Style, BCD Jacket Style, Regulators, Dive Computer, Mask Set, Mask Only, Wetsuit, Hoods, Underwater Torch, Compass, Kids Life Vest, Scube Shears/Knife, Weight Belt, SMB Surface Marker Buoy, Booties,Gloves, Apollo AV1 Underwater Scooter, Trolley Bag, Dry Bags, Mesh Bags, Regulator Bags, Trolley Bags, iPhone Housing, Underwater Cameras, Computer & Instruments (e.g. Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian, Scubapro Dive Computer Meridian Black, Scubapro Single Pressure Gauge, Scubapro Uwatec Aladin 2G, Scubapro Uwatec Galideo Luna, Scubapro Uwatec Galileo Sol)
Scuba People
5 Banda St #02-64, Singapore 050005
65-9326-1381 admin@scubapeople.com http://scubapeople.com/sp/
HOG Bungee Wrist Compass, Apollo Bio Metal Mask, HOG Special Edition Black 2nd Stage, Seashell SS-1 / SS-2
UltraPower-II 6-Watt LED Wide Angle Video / Dive Light, HOG Special Edition D2 Cold 1st Stage, Bare 3/2mm Velocity Ladies (6, 8, 10,12, 14)
Sea Explorer
Blk 201A Compassvale Drive #15-503, Singapore, Singapore 541201
65-9620-6314 Andrew.Li@seaexplorers.com.sg http://seaexplorers.com.sg/
Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuit (Shorty), Weight Belts, Dive Bags, Neoprenes, BCDs, Regulators, Torches, Accessories, Scubapro, Gull Masks, Sunnto Dive Computers
The Submersibles
No. 49A Lorong Marzuki, Singapore 417128
65-9188-3256 email@thesubmersibles.com http://www.thesubmersibles.com
Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuit (Shorty), Weight Belts, Dive Bags, Neoprenes, BCDs, Regulators, Torches, Accessories, Scubapro, Gull Masks, Sunnto Dive Computers
Sports Center
Block 2, Beach Road, #01-4801, Singapore 190002
65-6296-0939 bongsk@singnet.com.sg http://www.sportscenter.com.sg

Bags, Botties, Fins, Wetsuits, compasses, clylinders, Flashlights, gauges, gloves & hoods, masks, rash guards, regulators & octupos, snorkels, wrist computers, buoyancy compensators.
The Dive Company
761A North Bridge Road, Singapore 198729
65-6396-094 info@thedivecompany.com.sg http://www.thedivecompany.com.sg
Backplates & Accessories, Dive Bags, BCDS & Accessorie, Bladders, Dive booties, Underwater Cameras, Dive Computers, Dry Bags, Fins, Dive Gauges, Dive Gloves, Dive Cases, Hard Cases, Dive Hoods, Dive Knives, Dive Masks, Rash Guards, Regulators, Snorkels, Tanks, Dive Lights, Dive Torches, Wetsuits, Scooters, Underwater Scooters
The Submersibles
No. 49A Lorong Marzuki, Singapore 417128
65-9188-3256 email@thesubmersibles.com http://www.thesubmersibles.com
underwater optical and photographic equipment, D4i, D6i and D9tx dive computers, apparels, bags, fins, masks and regulators, snorkels, wetsuits, dive and watesports computers, light & motion
Trim Systems Pte Ltd
74 Kian Teck Road Singapore 628800 Republic of Singapore
65-6266-4566 trimly@singnet.com.sg http://www.trim-systems.com.sg/
Helmets, Diving Analysers, Harnesses, Liftbags, Diving Tools,
Uniglory Marine Pte Ltd
No. 35 Changi South Avenue 2 #02-01, Singapore 486 134
65-6542-4412 sales@uniglorymarine.com.sg http://www.uniglorymarine.com.sg/
Communication Radio, Electrical Connectors, Under Water Tools, Regulators, Gauges, Analysers
Waikiki Dive Centre
Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-45, Singapore 190462
65-6291-1290 john.lee@waikikidive.com http://www.waikikidive.com/
Masks (eg. Mares, scubapro, atomic, tusa, IST, Tilos, apollo, seac sub, gull), Snorkels (e.g. Marse Hydrex Superdry Snorkel, Mares Hydrex Purge Snorkel, Mares Hydrex Flex Snorkel, Atomic SV2 Snorkel, Atomic SV1 Snorkel, Tusa Hyperdry Evolution III Semi-Dry Snorkel, Tusa Impres Snorkel, Tusa Imprex II Snorkel), fins, Booties, Fins, Wetsuits, Rash Guards & Thermal Guards, Vest & Hoods, Gloves, Bags and Accessories, BCD and Regulators, Camera & Video Products
Acronman Enterprise
Blk 2024 Bukit Batok Industrial Park Street 23
#02-46, Singapore 659529
65-8228-6104 acronman.enterprise@gmail.com http://www.acronman.com.sg/
Diving and Snorkeling (full suit, jackets, shorties, full pants, rashguards, vests)
Scuba Warehouse
70 Bendemeer Road #01-02, Luzerne Singapore 339940
65-6294-2618 info@scubawarehouse.com.sg http://www.scubawarehouse.com.sg/
mask, snorkel, corrective lens, fins – full foot, fins – open heel, wetsuit-shorty, wetsuit-fullsuit, BCD, regulator set, weight belt, dive torch, dive computer (Suunto Zoop), digital underwater camera, tank rental, lead weights, air refill, oxygen refill, helium refill.
Seamate Trading Company
100 Jalan Sultan #03-04
Sultan Plaza, Singapore 199001
65-6296-9719 ronnie@seamate-scuba.com http://www.seamate-scuba.com/
GUL PRODUCTS (Flatlock Vest, Boots, Light Dry Bags, Xola Long Sleeves, 3MM power slippers, 12L Light Drybag, Dinghy Garda 50N, Dinghy Ladies Gara 50N, Ballistic Taped Breathable Spraytop, Neoprene Full Finger Gloves; AGIR PRODUCTS (AGIR Blackbird 28, 36, 38, 55 wings, AGIR Niord 44, AGIR Webb Harness routing, AGIR Crutchband routing, AGIR waist band buckle routing, AGIR Back UP Light, AGIR Reels, AGIR Spools, AGIR 300 bar pressure gauge, AGIR Spring Finstraps, AGIR Knife/Linecutter, AGIR Mask Strap; AQUATIC PRODUCTS (Inflator Hose, Low Pressure Hose, LED Mini Light Stick (Flashing), LED Mini Light Stick (Constant), Scuba-Alert, Aqua Star 3 LED Torch
Sports Unlimited Pte Ltd
6 Tagore Drive, #02-11 Tagore Industrial Building,
Singapore 787623.
65-6456-6833 sportunl@singnet.com.sg http://www.sportsunlimited.com.sg/
Diving Equipments (Eye wear, Long Blade Palau, Roudine Clio Blade, Coral Shoes, Coral Jr shoes, water shoes); Sevylor inflateble products (Fish Hunter Boat, Collossus 2 Person Boat, 4 Person 20000003409, 6 Person 2000003408,); Moolbora Swimming Googles


Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment

Swimming equipment list:

Goggles, swimming cap, Ear plug & nose clip set, Kickboard, Swimming Belt, Pull buoy, Hand paddle, Mask & snorkel etc.

Our partners provides all range of swimming & diving equipment. Supportive training equipment is also provided to enhance agility, speed and strength.